When programming software or designing stuff, I often need to calculate values. As most Windows users, I use the goold old calc.exe. In order to do so, I launch it by doing Win+R > calc > (waiting for launch) > profit. But with Windows 10+, the calc is now a Windows App (calc.exe is just a wrapper); which means the loading is a bit longer (splashscreen, Modern UI bugs, more resources used, etc.). Also, I always found sad that the original winforms calc doesn't accept arguments. Life could be so simpler by doing "calc.exe 1+1", then getting the result after load. This is why I decided to create Command Line Calc, aka CMDCALC.

The installer put it as a shortcut into the c:\windows folder, meaning you can call it from Run (Win+R). Pass your formula as parameter, and you'll get your result instantly.


  • c yourformula






Code included into the installation folder. That one is pretty simple, consisting of using the DataTable().Compute() trick to eval the input string. Handling potential commas was essential too. Please note how the user can close the calc using standard natural language commands, like "exit", "quit" or "close". Last operation (ANS) is supported, too.

Cuz you know, life's too short to wait for calc.exe

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