With Winarkeo MPO Viewer you can display pictures taken with stereoscopic cameras like the Nintendo 3DS or 2DS, the HTC Evo 3D or the Fujifilm FinePix REAL 3D W3. The file format of these shots is the .MPO one, for Multi Picture Object.

Thanks to a pair of Red/Cyan glasses like this one or that one you can benefit of a whole immersion into your photos, without the help of an autostereoscopic screen! Parallax is automatically adjusted to abtain the most comfortable render. The original file isn't modified, but you can still export the anaglyphic version as a .png.

Marseille's Vieux Port, as if you were there

MPO files are automatically associated with the MPO Viewer software, and their thumbnails will be displayed into the Explorer. Launching the app alone will display your shuffled 3D photos stored in "My Pictures" folder. If an audio file with the same name of the MPO one is present in the same folder (ex. HNI_00075.MPO / HNI_00075.MPO.MP3), it will be played during display (why not improving immersion?). Last but not least, it displays the date in natural language for a better memories appreciation.


A little trip to the Crémieux Street, Paris



Source included


  • +/- Zoom
  • R Rotate Right
  • L Rotate Left
  • Space/Right/MouseWheel Next Shot
  • Left/MouseWheel Previous Shot
  • Delete Move Shot into Recycle Bin
  • E Open Shot Location
  • J 2D Version of Shot
  • S Save Anaglyph

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