Also, Night Mode for deep night writing!

Sometimes you have to send documents as PDF, which implies to open Word or your favorite office suite, type the document, save it first as .docx, then export it to .pdf, to finally send it. So many steps, when the doc itself consists of some lines of basic text!

So here's a tool designed to save one's time, this a clone of the Microsoft Windows Notepad, except that it saves your text as PDF by default! The best part is, this notepad is capable to edit the .pdf files it created. Yes, re-open and edit it as if they were simple .txt files.

This way, your documents are ready to share, ready to print, and compatible natively with most devices!


  • Characters count
  • Night Mode
  • Can save the PDF then open it automatically right after for preview (CTRL+F5, VS devs will get it)
  • Can open and save .txt too
  • Win+R > pnotepad > profit




  • Shell integration (right click > open with)



Documentation used and notes

Source included in installation folder

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